We're trying another test.  Right now.

We're trying another test. Right now.

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bagel people.

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Martha Stewart's Wedding Party

Martha Stewart's Wedding Party

This is a tester blog.

Copied from Martha website.  After participating in bridal shows for years, I decided that there had to be a better way to represent my company and services to couples interested in the highest quality event planning, registry, bridesmaids and stationery services. I wanted to create an atmosphere of learning, fun and hands on experience. I wanted to surround myself with vendors who I would hire for an important event. And I wanted to have fun.

What I really wanted was a “pop-up” Wedding Library, where you can find the best vendors in one place, on one day. So I started the Wedding Party. After many years of hosting this event I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful vendors, partners and sponsors, and best of all, brides who eat, drink, taste, sample, learn, laugh and find resources that they never knew existed. All on one day, all in one place. Wedding planning made simple, from A-Z.

I am proud to partner with Martha Stewart Weddings to create Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party. For Chicago, we’ve partnered with Meghan Andalman of Lovebird Events to help us select vendors and produce and promote our event.


Jen & Jax